Labels keep your emails organized and prioritized

Put a digital label on your emails for a full understanding of what’s in your inbox.

If you love using a label-maker to get organized at home or work, then you’ll love labels in Fastmail, where you can label emails to see what you got. Add labels to a message to show what it is without having to open it.

Bring in Gmail accounts and we’ll set up your labels automatically. Or use Fastmail rules to apply labels for you. Either way, it’s easy to get started with labels that will keep your inbox neat and tidy.

Use labels to categorize mail in your inbox

We know people prefer to handle their mail in different ways. Some of us like the simplicity of knowing mail can be in only one folder. Some of us want to apply more than one label to categorize messages in a few ways. Fastmail lets you choose what works for you.

Here’s a way you can use labels to process your emails. Use a “To-Do” label on emails that create tasks for you. Emails with the “To-Do” label may require another label to give you more information. Labels like “Urgent” or “Someday” help you to prioritize tasks.

For general inbox organization, “To-Do” labelled mail can get even more identifiers such as “Family,” “Travel,” or “Receipts.”

Make messages stand out with color

To take this even further, you can add color to establish priority. For an email you are keeping to reference, the label may be a cool color like blue. For emails that create tasks or need responses, a bright color like red is more eye-catching.

Colorful labels gives you sense of what’s in your email at-a-glance. If your personal mail has a green label, and work email is orange, a mostly green inbox could indicate you need to find time to take care of some personal stuff.

Labels give you smarter searches

To bring all your associated mail up at once, use the advanced search bar to pull up everything assigned to a label. Now, you can apply a group action all these email, which can be very convenient. It’s also just helpful sometimes to pull up everything together.

An advanced search can help you to quickly find all messages with more than one label.

Fastmail rules apply labels for you

You can start using labels today by creating rules that will apply labels to mail automatically. To set this up, create a rule in Fastmail to add a label to new and old mail from any sender. Now you have an easy way to reference all this related mail at once.

Create more rules to apply labels to mail that you want to stand out or collect. If you are searching for a new job, you might want to attach a “Job search” label to all related messages, but an “Active” label on messages from companies where you have an interview.

To use labels, upgrade your rules in Settings → Rules. Once this is done, go to Settings → Preferences. Under Mail, choose to organize messages with Labels.

Fastmail labels are designed to be truly useful, customizable, and a delight to use. Labels give you a heads up to what’s in your email at first glance, and this is a helpful way to start your day.

Feel good about your email with privacy, control, and features you’ll love. → Try it free for 30 days

Originally published at on June 15, 2020.

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Email for people who care about their privacy

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Email for people who care about their privacy

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