More Swipe Options on Mobile Let You Work Faster

“Custom swipes was a fun project to work on — I really enjoy hearing all the different ways that people plan to use our new swipe options!” -Joe Woods, Fastmail Client Application Development Lead

“So often, those key three or four labels are the ones we use 90% of the time. If your workflow is built around filing mail or snoozing it for later, we can save you time with a click for every single message you handle.” -Helen Horstmann-Allen, Fastmail COO

Using Custom Swipes

“Colors aren’t just fun; they can be a great memory trigger. Giving you color options throughout our interface allows you to match your swipe color to a label color, have your swipes complement your custom theme, and lots more.” -Helen Horstmann-Allen, Fastmail COO

Custom swipes in action

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